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this is THE webring...... of what's you ask? it's a website... zoe and tiger r on it and they r literally girlfriends. so they have a website domain TOGeTHER. then they were like wow theres gotta be a webring out there. so they did it. theyre mad. in the head. anyone can come into teh webring NOW check out the join section. to join..

join. now.


contact zoe or tiger to join



required information

  • username (ascii characters only, no spaces)
  • displayname
  • a link to your website
  • pronouns (optional)
  • a short description (optional)
  • an image with a description (optional)

adding the ring to your website

next and previous links

once you are added to the webring you can use${your-username} and${your-username} to link to the next and previous sites.

just add these to your website and you are good to go!


we have iframes at${your-username}. these are very easy to add to your site, but you can't style them yourself.

json files

if you really want to get down and dirty you can use your json file! this is probably the most complicated option but gives you the most control. this is available at{$your-username}.json. there is also one with everyone's information at

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